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About our work

Achievements become routine if dreams are backed by the desire to reach them.

We are a leading national project management and building contractor based in Chennai, South India.

Binaa Housing & Construction is a major player in South India and the flagship company of the group. With a rich heritage and an exhaustive and diverse portfolio of successfully completed projects across industry sectors, the company is poised for the next era of growth. The key factors to its robust and stable growth are its client focus, its leadership, the adoption of the latest technology and its work force orientation. URC brings a host of capabilities to major infrastructure projects through an integrated approach that spans the life cycle of infrastructure to professional & support services.

Today, the company is a leader and a trendsetter in the construction industry, delivering custom-designed turnkey projects to government agencies, large corporations and private bodies.

Six decades of excellence

BINAA HOUSING brings a host of capabilities to major infrastructure projects through an integrated approach that spans the life cycle of infrastructure to professional & support services.

Because we are the best

BINAA HOUSING is an extremely quality conscious organization. Our benchmarks are set high and we strive to achieve the highest level of quality in all its undertakings. We have a well documented approach to quality management and are committed to improving the effectiveness of the system continually.

Valued engineering

  • To be a respected world-class infrastructure organization known for quality, reliability, timely completion and a safe working environment.
  • To provide a climate of transparency, mutuality and continuous learning to its employees.
  • To maximize stakeholder value through continuous adoption of latest technologies, management practices and innovation.

ISI Certified Company 9001 | 2015

Leaving aside commercial projects for the time being, most of us are familiar with the average cost of a new home in the area we live. Given the amount of money involved, there are several reasons for ISO 9001 to become a valuable accreditation for companies in the sector. Let’s examine them:

  • Standardize services and product quality: Application of the standard could ensure that build quality, methodology, and adherence to legislation are consistent, therefore ensuring consistent quality of product.
  • Reduce costs for the builder: Improvement of supply chain management and purchasing processes through ISO 9001-approved methods can reduce costs and increase profit margins.
  • Ensure continual improvement: Application of the standard should ensure that your business and associated processes improve year after year, increasing profits and growing the business accordingly.

So, given that these benefits would be desirable for most, if not all businesses, what aspects of the 9001 standard can help a construction company achieve them?

BAI (Building Association of india).

Throughout its more than seven decades of existence, Binaa Housing & Construction has had its ups and downs, trials and tribulations, moments of strengths and weakness, moments of glory and disappointment. But, its umbrella has protected and furthered the cause of the Indian con¬struction industry and its constituents in many ways:

  • BAI has been instrumental for incorporation of Price Variation Clause in contract documents of various works authorities.
  • BAI is propagating adoption of a 'unified standard equitable contract document', based on FIDIC conditions by all works authorities.
  • BAI was' instrumental in starting National Institute of Construc¬tion Management and Research (NICMAR), which has estab¬lished campuses at Pune, Delhi and Hyderabad and is soon likely to get the status of a deemed university.
  • In the matter of Sales Tax on Works Contracts, consequent to 46th Amendment to Constitution, all State Governments were interpreting such amendments to suit their revenue requirements. BAI filed a Writ Petition and the Supreme Court correctly ex¬plained the powers of State Governments pursuant to the 46th amendment and cleared all uncertainties and doubts.
  • Filed number of writs at various High Courts in the country on issues like VAT, Entry Tax, Service Tax, Sand Dredging, Labour Welfare Cess etc.